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Safe, drug-free, and non habit-forming. No antihistamines and no alcohol.


Expert-designed formulas contain ingredients at dosage levels clinically proven to improve your sleep.


Natural, vegan, gluten/dairy/sugar-free, non-GMO. Allergen-free. No artificial colors or binders.

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Produced in a FDA-approved facility that is Good Manufacturing Practices and Guidelines (CGMP) compliant.

Real world results

84% of Proper users report better sleep.

Sleepers saw an average of 59% improvement to their baseline sleep score after 5 nights of use of their best-fit Proper formulations.

Efficacy that increases with more time: <5 days, 5-10 days, 10+ days

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Sleep isn’t one size fits all and neither is Proper.

Get better sleep and targeted health benefits with our exclusive blend of quality, natural ingredients at clinically tested dosage levels.

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Americans pay a lot of attention to nutrition + exercise. But did you know sleep makes just as much of a difference to your health and happiness?

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